​Summer Intensive Program:

​5 day intensive Schroth program in 2 sessions/day (4 hours/day)

HEP instruction with folder provided

FREE ​ scoliosis screenings offered!  Please call to schedule an appointment today.

Weekend appointments available.

Patients who come for treatment should expect to actively participate in learning his/her particular curvature. Patients will learn corrections for daily activities and exercises to take home and  perform correctly without the help of the therapist. 

" No more 'Wait and See' "

scoliosis Physical Therapy

The Schroth 3 dimensional treatment method is recommended for patients with idiopathic scoliosis starting at even a "mild" curvature. Due to need for body awareness and commitment required, it is recommended for patients older than 10/11 years of age. 

Adults with scoliosis could also benefit to reduce curve progression; however due to long standing asymmetrical loading and muscle/soft tissue adaptations, treatment usually progresses much slower. 

Post surgical patients would also benefit to ensure above and below fixation does not continue with compensatory curvature

Who Would Benefit?

Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis.  Christa Lehnert-Schroth, P.T. 

Intensive  Program: 

3-5hours/day (1-2 sessions). This is ideal for out of town patients that can schedule for several days in a row as well as patients that are new to Schroth for a better understanding and diving into the program. 

Follow up: 

Subsequent appointments are crucial to continual learning and reassessment. Patient should follow up initially at 1 month then every 3 months. After the growth period has stopped patients can follow up biannually to as needed. Follow ups always made on an individual basis. 

Local Program:

2 hour initial assessment

Subsequent visits are 1 on 1 with the PT at every visit for 50-60 mins. The patient's progress is continually being reassessed for progression with the treatment method. Sessions are individually adapted to each patient as no two patients (or curves!) are alike!

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