Research shows:

"Schroth PSSE added to the standard of care were superior compared to standard of care alone for reducing the curve severity in patients with AIS."

      Schreiber et al. "Schroth Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis-Specific Exercises Added to the Standard of Care Lead to Better Cobb Angle Outcomes in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis – an Assessor and Statistician Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial." December 29, 2016


"the Schroth exercise program applied in the clinic under physiotherapist supervision was superior to the home exercise and control groups; additionally, we observed that scoliosis progressed in the control group, which received no treatment."

       Kuru et al. "The efficacy of three-dimensional Schroth exercises in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A randomised controlled clinical trial." Clinic Rehabilitation 2015, 1-10 

“ almost unanimity among SOSORT experts: auto-correction in 3D, training in ADL, stabilizing the corrected posture, and patient education should be always included.” 

     Stefano, et. al. “2011 SOSORT guidelines: Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation treatment of idiopathic scoliosis during growth.” Scoliosis 2012, 7:3  

“outpatient physiotherapy program consisting of Schroth’s 3-dimensional exercises therapy was shown to influence positively parameters such as Cobb angle, vital capacity, strength and postural defects in AIS patients."

   Otman, et al. “The efficacy of Schroth’s 3 dimensional exercise therapy in the treatment of adolescent idiopatic scoliosis in Turkey.” Saudi Med J 2005; Vol. 26 (9)

“A significant improvement of the described pain symptoms was obtained on using the rehabilitation program according to Schroth, with a better effect on myogenic pain symptoms than on arthrogenic symptoms. “

    Weiss HR. “Scoliosis-related pain in adults - Treatment influences.” European Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 3(3):91-94



-Observation: curves <25d

-Bracing: curves between 25-40d during growth phase

-Other: Chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga for core strengthening

Surgery: Curves >45d and still growing or continuing to progress beyond 45d and growth stopped

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